Handling the legal aspects of the purchase or sale of a business requires skill, patience and an understanding of the needs of both purchasers and sellers. The needs of employees and clients must also be taken into account, and real estate and other company assets must be properly taken care of.

We can help you negotiate a contract that will deal with assets, debts, leases and licenses, and meet legal responsibilities to shareholders, employees and others affected by the transaction.

Our Oshawa business lawyer can help make sure your contract is fair and balanced and protects your best interests. We can also make sure to warn you of any possible liabilities and trouble spots, and avoid the possibility of future litigation.

Helping Your Business Transaction

We can provide many services to help your purchase or sale go smoothly, including:

  • Reviewing financial statements for both sides
  • Negotiating purchase and sale contracts
  • Overseeing sales of assets and shares
  • Dealing with tax considerations
  • Handling closing

With our extensive experience in estate planning, we can also help you avoid complications if you are selling a business as part of the distribution of assets during estate administration.