Our family has a diverse practice, encompassing many different areas. We can be the firm you turn to for many of your legal needs.

Aitchison Law Office serves clients in the following areas:

  • Real estate law: Whether you are buying or selling property, getting a new mortgage or refinancing, we can help your real estate transaction go smoothly and help you avoid any surprises.
  • Family law: Our Oshawa family law and divorce lawyer can help you with divorce, separation agreements, marriage contracts or cohabitation agreements, custody, access, spousal and child support issues, property division and adoption, as well as other aspects of family law.
  • Wills and estates: Aitchison Law Office can help you plan for your family's future, through wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning services. If your family is dealing with a will dispute or other estate litigation, we can help you resolve matters, hopefully without having to resort to court. In addition, our lawyers can assist in the administration of your estate.
  • Business law: Whether you are just beginning your business, purchasing or selling a company, or dealing with insolvency and winding up, our business lawyer will work to protect your interests and deal with any aspect of Ontario business law that affects your company.
  • Civil litigation: Our litigation practice includes many different areas such as breaches of contract and lease disputes, and personal injury cases such as slip-and-fall injuries.
  • Employment law: This includes wrongful dismissal as well as other workplace-related disputes.
  • Immigration law: Our immigration lawyer can help newcomers who come to our country temporarily or permanently, and assist Canadians with immigration matters dealing with the U.S.
  • Tax appeals: If you have problems with your personal or business tax assessment or reassessment, our lawyers can represent you in court against the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Civil appeals: If you have a matter that has been resolved in court, but it has been appealed or you would like to appeal the decision, our experienced lawyers can assist in all levels of court.

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