Taxes are an inevitable part of life, and a painful part of every year. Most of the time, we simply pay whatever our assessment tells us to pay. Sometimes, however, our clients come to us because of a conflict with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about how much they are expected to pay, how much they are able to pay and when they must pay it.

Our tax lawyers can help you if you or your business has a dispute with the CRA about your taxes. We understand that tax laws and regulations are complicated and it's easy for people to misunderstand what's expected of them when declaring different types of income or expenses, or when dealing with HST for their business.

We also understand that the CRA's audits and collections methods can be very intimidating for our clients. We have represented clients at both the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Canada.

We know what we're doing and can put our experience to work on your behalf.

Representing Your Interests Against The Canada Revenue Agency

You may have a difference of opinion with the CRA regarding many different areas, including your income tax, GST/HST or excise taxes, child tax benefit, disability tax credit, or spousal support deductions or inclusions.

Our Oshawa tax appeals lawyers can help you to:

  • Understand what the CRA considers income and expenses
  • Find errors in your income tax assessment or reassessment
  • Find errors in the determination or redetermination of your GST/HST credit
  • File an objection if you disagree with your notice of assessment or reassessment, and help you understand how to state your objection in a way that will be more likely to sway the CRA
  • Appeal if your objection is denied in whole or in part
  • Deal with the CRA's aggressive collection methods
  • Get relief from penalties or interest, or negotiate for late payments
  • Deal with taxes payable on estates or trusts
  • Determine which documents may assist your dispute with the CRA

We can also help your business with HST assessments, particularly if the CRA has reassessed directors of a corporation personally over HST money used for other purposes.